15 Best songs about beer


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I was with a friend and we were doing a playlist for a party. We were drinking beer and he told me:

“Dude! Let’s make a playlist about beer!”

We have made some research and here is our top:


Roadhouse Blues – The Doors

Pretty good at drinkin’ beer – Billy Currington

La bière – Jacques Brel

Oh good Ale – The CopperFamily

Hey Bartender – The Blues Brothers

Drinkin’ beer – Jimmy Witherspoon

One Bourbon, One Scoth, One Beer – John Lee Hooker

40 Oz. to freedom – Sublime

Six pack – Black Flag with H.Rollins

Duff Beer Song – The Simpsons

I drink alone – George Thorogood

Beercan – Beck

Two pints of Lager and a packet of crisps – The Ukulele orchestra of Great Britain

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain BEER 300x162 15 Best songs about beer

I like beer – Tom T. Hall

Long Neck bottle – Garth Brooks

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  1. I’m voting for Dire Straits ! :D

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